Supercondominio 3 – Castello di Rivoli
Supercondominio 3 – Castello di Rivoli
Supercondominio 3, Castello di Rivoli, 2021

Saturday July 17, 2021
3.45 – 6 pm / 6.30 – 9 pm Performative keynotes open to the public, Castello di Rivoli Theater9 – 11 pm Closed-door assembly, Manica Lunga
00.00 – 8 am Participants sleep and dream
8 – 9 am Conclusions

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Supercondominio 3 is curated by Giulia Colletti, Treti Galaxie (Matteo Mottin & Ramona Ponzini) and Laura Lecce.

Following the isolating experience of the lockdown, Supercondominio – standing for a residential unit where several buildings have a few assets in common – becomes an image for an ecology of coexistence, based on physical interpersonal relationships and on in-depth knowledge sharing.

Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea has invited some of the most influential young Italian art spaces devoted to artistic production to the third edition of Supercondominio. Entitled Odorate Ginestre (Perfumed needle furze), in homage to the poet Giacomo Leopardi (Recanati, 1798 – Naples, 1837), who composed La Ginestra (The needle furze) in 1836. It is a weekend of art and reflection on interspecies habitats where animal, vegetal, fungal, human, and even artificial intelligences merge together.

Supercondominio 3 takes its cue from a proposition drafted by curators Giulia Colletti, Treti Galaxie (Matteo Mottin & Ramona Ponzini) and Laura Lecce:

“The secret intoxication caused by the sublime category of catastrophe, the obsession and perversion of ecological thinking, the escapism to other planets, and the constant desire for purification of places and living bodies, are inextricably intertwined in our time, affected as it is by climate change that is not only altering the physical environment where we live, but also has consequences on our mind, causing an unexpected sense of nostalgia for the places where we lived yet we perceive changed today. How can we embrace a different awareness of the environment? Can the behavior of Leopardi’s needle furze provide us with new perspectives on a rapidly changing future? How can we realign our temporality by riding the germ’s decay – as so vividly described by the poet Wole Soyinka (Abeokuta, Nigeria, 1934)? Finally, is it possible to learn how to look at the sky with the same intensity with which a plant eats light, as the poet Mariangela Gualtieri (Cesena, 1951) suggests?”

The event will take place on Saturday July 17 and Sunday July 18 morning, 2021.

Undertaking a two-day-long collective investigation, Supercondominio 3 invites the participating art spaces to immerse themselves in a retreat on the moraine hill of Rivoli in the Susa Valley, in Piedmont. An exercise that recalls the Japanese practice of bathing in the woods. As Walt Whitman (West Hills, 1819 – Camden, 1892) suggests: bending down and linger to observe a blade of summer grass.

In the afternoon, participants will share their research in the Theater of the Museum with the public.

As for the previous two editions – when Combo supported the initiative, participants will sleep in tents. This year, tents will be offered by Ferrino and C. S.p.A., set up in the Manica Lunga gardens. Founded in Turin in 1870, Ferrino has specialized in the production of equipment (tents, backpacks, sleeping bags) and technical clothing for over 150 years alongside lovers of the outdoors. Sleeping under the stars will also be a chance to pay homage to artist Susan Hiller (Tallahassee, 1940 – London, 2019). Participants will re-activate the Dream Mapping experiment, which Hiller carried out in the Hampshire region back in 1973. Each participant will write down their dreams in a notebook on the morning of July 18, sharing their personal experience. The results of this reflection and the documentation of the event will be collected by the CRRI Research Institute of the Museum.

Supercondominio 3 – Odorate Ginestre, 2021, a film by Matilde Sambo
Original music score by Ramona Ponzini
Supercondominio 3 – Odorate Ginestre, Castello di Rivoli, 2021
Video playlist with all the interventions
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