Natália Trejbalová – Few Thoughts on Floating Spores
Natália Trejbalová – Few Thoughts on Floating Spores
Natália Trejbalová, Few Thoughts on Floating Spores, 2023.
Installation view. Courtesy of the artist and Šopa Gallery, Košice. Photo: Tibor Czitó

The exhibition consists of two installations, in dialogue with each other, set up in the two rooms of the exhibition space.

In the first room, one of the windows extends inward to create a museum display case, exposing the exhibition space to the wind, cold, and autumn weather of Košice. The display case contains a diorama of artificial and natural elements, Murano glass sculptures and plant organisms, mimicking a hypothetical natural landscape that precedes or follows the current era over millennia. The landscape inside the display case will change during the show period, just as the climate, temperature, and vegetation outside the space will change.

The second room features a large backlit sheet on which the artist has traced the outlines of plants, flowers and other botanical elements, a cinematic-sized Petri dish on whose surface colored shadows of interacting organisms appear, creating a composition of organic imprints.

Straight lines are concrete projections of a human idea of construction. The orthogonal fitting of the smooth surfaces of a museum display case, the walls meeting ceilings and floors at right angles in the exhibition space and the rectangular shape of the large drawing sheet are abstractions of thought aimed at separating humans from the natural environment, providing order and regulating growth and vital rhythms. Straight lines, as well as sharp and delineated boundaries, do not exist in nature, and this exhibition serves as a tribute to those movements, forces and organisms free to organize new balanced boundaries in continuous adaptation.

The exhibition project is supported in a form of stipendium using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. Slovak Arts Council is the main partner of the project. The project is also financially supported by City Košice.

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