Immersione Libera – Lisa Dalfino e Sacha Kanah
Immersione Libera – Lisa Dalfino e Sacha Kanah
Lisa Dalfino e Sacha Kanah, Immersione Libera, 2019
Uno scherzo di cattivo gusto, 2019. Walnut, lead. Courtesy of the artists and Fondazione Elpis. Photo: Melania Dalle Grave e Agnese Bedini per DSL Studio

The attitude of looking where no one is looking, the adoption of nonhuman viewpoints and the constant activation of osmotic walls between natural phenomena and man-made contexts underlies Lisa Dalfino and Sacha Kanah’s research.
The artists use palettes of chemical and physical reactions to resurface frescoes of human-nature collaborations buried and forgotten under layers of anthropocentric practices.
The sculptural elements presented for “Immersione Libera” were conceived as models extracted from a project by the artists for the architecture of the Solomon R. Guggenheim in New York. Through minimal material actions made up of exothermic reactions, they shaped wild landscapes hidden in parts of the museum’s ventilation system, creating a synthetic ecosystem in the interstices of an organic, spiraling, idealized architecture.

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