ii) A land to Mobile call originates through the Telephone exchange. It is a protocol designed for micro-browsers and it enables the access of internet in the mobile devices. ... Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Wireless Datagram protocol (WDP) The application, presentation, and session layers in the OSI model correspond to the _____ layer in the TCP/IP protocol suite. Top 20 MCQ Questions on GSM Fundamentals; Top 20 MCQ Questions on Encoding and Modulation; How to write an essay in APA format; Top 20 MCQ Questions on Antennas and Propagation; Top 20 MCQ … ANSWER: a. 1. WPS is abbreviated as _____ A. WiFi Protocol Setup B. Wireless Protected Setup C. WiFi Protected Setup D. WiFi Protected System E. Both A & B F. None of these Application program interface (API) used between application and control planes is known as: a. Northbound API b. Q1. D. Wireless Transaction Protocol(WTP) 16) … provides data integrity, privacy, authentication, denial of service protection. Storage and forwarding of e-mail for certain addresses b. To practice all areas of Computer Networks, here is complete set of 1000+ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers. General Packet ServiceD. 3. Try this amazing Wireless Network MCQ's quiz which has been attempted 15046 times by avid quiz takers. Learn Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP) mcq questions and answers with easy and logical explanations for various competitive examination, interview and entrance test Page-4 … WAP uses the markup language HTML.iii. GPRS represents General Packet Radio Service. Also explore over 27 similar quizzes in this category. GPRS modeD. a. GPRS Tunneling Protocol(GTP)ii. Gsm in mobile computing. User Datagram Protocol(UDP)iii. ii and iii onlyC. It can be used from a variety of 2G and 3G networks.A. Android Trivia Questions and Answers PDF. Online Mcqs Test – Mobile Computing MCQ with Answers-All these are very important MCQ questions related to mobile computing and mobile and wireless communication to get success in written as well as interview examinations. a) Wireless Security Layer (WSL) b) Wireless Transport Layer (WTL) c) Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) d) Wireless Security Layer Transport (WSLT) Ans: c. 24. It's a basic quiz based on protocols identified in the CompTIA Network+ certification objectives for common networking protocols. The basic GSM is based on ...................... traffic channels. Read Also: Top 20 MCQ Questions on GSM Fundamentals, 1) What is the full form of GPRS?A. Here are the collections of solved MCQ on the application layer in OSI and TCP/IP model includes multiple-choice questions related to the application layer. False, ii-False, iii-False, 12) … is a lightweight markup language optimized for use in wireless devices.A. Professionals, Teachers, Students and Kids Trivia Quizzes to test your knowledge on the subject. World Wide Web. A. Gb Interface B. Gn InterfaceC. GSM Packet ServiceB.Global Packet ServiceC. GPRS is part of GSM network specifications. If you are looking for a reviewer in datacom , topic in Electronics Systems and Technologies (Communications Engineering) this will definitely help you before taking the Board Exam. A antenna which attempts to direct all its energy in a particular direction is called as a ............. 10. Also explore over 27 similar quizzes in this category. Microcontrollers & Applications - Fundamentals & Real World Interfacing -06/05/15 « Previous ; Next » I2C or TWI Protocol - MCQs with answers 1. Which of the following stores all the user-related data that is relevant … Base Transceiver Station(BTS)C. Home Location Register(HLR)D. Mobile Station(MS), 9) The Gn/Gp interface supports which of the following protocols?i. 2. All the best! 23. ASWDC (App, Software & Website Development Center) Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology (DIET) Base Station Subsystem(BSS)B. NFC is a short distance(20m) wireless communication technology. tunneling modeC. Air Interface, 6) State whether the following statements about the serving GPRS Support Node(SGSN) are True or False.i. There are many hidden stations in a wireless… Only Source address B. Electronic mail. Online Mcqs Test – Mobile Computing MCQ with Answers. i and ii onlyB. State whether True of False. i. Eastbound API c. Southbound API d. Westbound API. The IEEE 802.11 defines basic service set as a building block of wireless is… A. WAN B. LAN C. MAN D. All of these 2. application modeB. i-False, ii-True, iii-FalseD. ii, iii and iv onlyC. Physical cum data-link layer in the IoT model consists of a local are network/personal are network. Wireless Application Environment(WAE)B. Wireless Datagram Protocol(WDP)C. Wireless Transport Layer Security(WTLS)D. Wireless Transaction Protocol(WTP), 17) The … presents a consistent data format to the higher layers of the WAP protocol stack.A. Wireless Application Environment(WAE)B. Wireless Markup Language(WML)C. Wireless Section Protocol(WSP)D. Wireless Transaction Protocol(WTP), 13) … architecture allows all content are services to be hosted on standard web services when all content is located using WWW standard URL.A. The application layer in the TCP/IP protocol suite is usually considered to be the combination of _____ layers in the OSI model ... Wireless Networks and Mobile IP MCQs. Wireless Application Environment(WAE)B. Wireless Markup Language(WML)C. Wireless Section Protocol(WSP)D. Wireless Transaction Protocol(WTP), 15) … runs on top of a datagram service such as user datagram protocol(UDP) and is part of the standard suite of TCP/IP protocols.A. Study these Interview MCQ Questions and Answers on 2G/3G GPRS Architecture Interfaces and Protocols. Speeds much lower in realityiii. The WAP Forum released the first version of WAP in 1998. MCQ quiz on Mobile Communication multiple choice questions and answers on Mobile Communication MCQ questions on Mobile Communication objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

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