On Saturday November 5 will take place, thanks to the collaboration between Treti Galaxie and the National Cinema Museum of Turin, the solo show by Spanish artist Alvaro Urbano, “I”.

The event is part of Urbano’s far-reaching project “My Boy, with such Boots We may hope to Travel Far”, which consists in the installation of sculptural groups, inspired by the famous cryptogram from Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”, in various places around the world.

The exhibition, designed to be viewed by only one spectator, will be displayed in the spire of the Mole, at a height of 126 meters.

The exhibition permits the participation of a maximum of 40 people: in order to book, it is necessary to send a participation request to the address info@tretigalaxie.com on 27 October 2016 between 8am and 8pm with the words “SOLO SHOW” in the subject line.

The 40 people booked will be contacted in order to receive instructions about the schedule and the access conditions to the premises of the National Cinema Museum.

The sole spectator of the exhibition will be identified in the morning of Saturday 5 November through the distribution of 40 chocolate bars, one of which will contain instructions on how to access the exhibition.

The remaining 39 participants will attend the projection of Alvaro Urbano’s video “The Ghost and the Host”.

IMPORTANT: Before sending the participation request it is essential to read carefully the guidelines for the Mole Antonelliana’s cupola walking ascent.


During the visit:

  1. Visitors are required to wear the helmet provided and to strictly respect the guide’s instructions.
  2. Visitors must be appropriately dressed so that no object, accessory or clothing obstructs the visit in any way. It is therefore prohibited:
    • to wear tight clothing and high heeled shoes;
    • to bring bags, canes or bulky rucksacks;
    • to wear sunglasses, including graduated lenses.
  3. Access to the Cupola is forbidden to visitors suffering from:
    • motor disabilities;
    • serious sight or hearing impairment;
    • heart or lung disease;
    • claustrophobia;
    • disorientation syndrome (labyrinthisis, vertigo, etc.).
  4. During the visit, all mobile phones and filming devices may be used only in rest areas.

Visitors accompanying minors agree to ensure that they respect the guidelines and take full responsibility for them.

Management reserves the right to deny access to the Cupola ascent when objective or subjective conditions make it impossible to guarantee the complete safety of its visitors.